How to maintain cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards are far more popular than plastic and you will find them in most kitchens. Although it was almost thought that because of the porosity of wood, hygienic less safe than plastic, recent research denies it.


Proper maintenance..

Wooden cutting boards absorb significantly less bacteria than plastic ones. Although they easily penetrate the interior of the wooden boards, they can not survive or reproduce. On plastic cutlery, however, the bacteria are kept on the surface and in the cuts, so it is practically impossible to wash them completely.

In addition, wood does not detach knives and is suitable for cutting all kinds of foods. However, in order not to cut raw meat, fruits and vegetables on the same board, it is ideal to have at least two different wooden cutting boards.



Cutting board and food serving

Cutting and serving food is a unique product without which a modern home can not be imagined. In addition to being indispensable in the kitchen and a practical tool, a quality, beautiful and well-maintained cut board tells a lot about its owner or owner.

Also, the cutting board should occasionally, or once every two or three months, be covered with some edible, cold-pressed oil. Olive, linseed or other oil comes into consideration, which is safe to use with food.

To keep your wooden cutting bars longer, you need to maintain them properly.

Forward thinking

Most importantly, after each use, the boiler is thoroughly treated with warmer water. However, it should not be followed by cutting boards in a dishwasher or dripping in water for a long time. It is best to wash them manually, under a jet of water.After washing, the cutting boards should be dried naturally at room temperature. Do not leave them on a radiator or some other source of heat.


Cutting board

The main function of the kitchen boards is cutting food

There are professional boards designed to cut leather or rubber, or to eat other tools – say clockwork, but the ordinary kitchen plank is adapted to the dimensions and shape of its basic purpose.

The board can also be used to treat the meat with a hammer to make it smoother while saving, as in such situations the hammer does not come in direct contact with the board and there is no chance that it will be damaged. What should be considered is the protection of the bottom of the board in contact with the work surface, especially if the cutting board does not have its own rubberized protection.

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